On the Golf Course


  • Men’s shirts must have a collar and sleeves and must be kept tucked in shorts or trousers at all times.
  • Only tailored shorts or trousers may be worn.
  • Please note short socks must be white.
  • Proper golf shoes must be worn and preferably with soft spikes.
  • All hats must be worn in the correct way round.

Not Acceptable

  • Football shirts, Rugby shirts, Hoodies or tracksuits of any kind.
  • Shirts with no collars.
  • Trainers, sports shorts, beach shorts, jeans or types of denim of any kind.

Please note that if you are not properly dressed you will not be allowed on the course.

Mobile phones are not permitted on the course unless being used in an emergency.


In our Clubhouse, bar and restaurant, smart casual dress is acceptable in all areas of the clubhouse which does include jeans. Mobile phones may only be used in designated areas of the clubhouse.